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Wood Shaving Machine For France 2017


Wood Shaving Plant  ( France) 

Year  2016 Years
Location France 
Capacity 1.3 Tons/Hour 
What Customer Purchased? Wood Shaving Machine-1 Unit
Wood Shaving Baler-1 Unit

Wood Shaving Plant Overview 

It is not the Complete wood shaving plant for bags,but come with wood shaving machine( EWS-37),wood shaving bagging machine,and other accessory equipments.

Customer installed this plant in france
 2017 years,and the plant operate end in 2017 yerars,whcih makes 1.3 tons bag per hour ,12 hours for 7 days and 12 month. the wood shavings bales are sold to france for horse bedding. the wood are pine wood from local . 


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