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  • [Animal Bedding knowledge] How to Start a Wood Shavings Business with Enerpat wood shaving machine
    Wood shavings are a staple in barns everywhere. Used in stalls and pens, wood shavings are comfortable for animals to rest on, absorb urine and are easy to clean up. They can also be easily composted, instead of sent to a landfill. Pure wood shavings, meaning those without plywood or chemicals, can
  • [Animal Bedding knowledge] Wood Shavings
    a general term for the waste materials obtained in working wood by cutting it with woodworking machine tools and for certainsemifinished products (singleply veneer, lath, thin paneling), made by the woodworking industry. The different types of woodshavings have special names, for example, waste from
  • [Animal Bedding knowledge] Bedding For Horse Stalls
    The most common horse stall bedding materials are straw and shavings. Depending on what's available in your area, there may be other options you can consider. These are only a few of the many bedding options available. StrawClean straw is preferred for mares and very young foals. Some horses will ea


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